Lake Como

Set entirely withinLombardy, of all the Italian lakes it has the most variety. It is one of the pre-apline lakes with the most attractions.  Pretty villages, tiny ports, villas in shady exotic gardens succede one another along its banks.


Varenna is built upon a rock at the foot of a mountain rising almost vertically above it, leaving the skeleton of a ruined ancient castle exposed to the skyThe landing stage and the old town centre  are joined through a promenade in a green area along the lake with typical shops and small berths for boats.

Catholic church ceremonies available. 


Occupies a magnificent site on a promontory. The splendid lakeside gardens of Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi are the main sights. The Town Hall is a beautiful villa overlooking the lake,  and  the Library is the unique location for weddings.

Catholic church ceremonies are not available. 




Favoured by the cool summer breeze, this is one of the lake’s smart resorts.

Catholic church ceremonies are not available.


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